Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A new home for Alma B online

It has been a few years and a lot of tangents in the making, but I have a new website for my little illustration brand, Alma B. You can see all my latest work, find out more about me and follow my new blog, which features a regular schedule of life, work, free printable templates and pretty things. Head on over and join me! Hope to see you there soon :-) Signing off at this space... xx

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Two Owls Boutique - up and running

Well, I have been so super busy over the past couple of months, making a dream of mine come true - To open up my own shop.

Living in regional QLD as I do for the time being, I have noticed a lack in places to get a good range of boutique items in one spot.

My husband and I have always wanted to open a shop, so it with great pride that I present Two Owls Boutique (with an owl emphasis firmly on many late nights and hunting).
We aim to make Two Owls a fun and creative boutique, more light-hearted than most, while still offering excellent quality, and a range of ethically produced / unique goods.

Of course the Alma B range is represented!

It is only a baby now, but we have so much planned, like videos, home decorating projects, crafty tutorials and much more!

Each month or so we will be taking a new home page photo, to show products in situ, to enable people to get ideas, and shop a certain look.

I have a blog going over there too, split between my husband and I, however I will still be checking back to this one for Alma B specifics, as well as lifestyle posts.

I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I love collecting little objects from nature - my collections are everywhere in my house - shells and seeds are my favourite, and the other day when I walked outside I saw our palm tree had dropped so many little beautifully coloured seeds.

I quickly collected them up to display on our side-board, I think they fitted in quite well with my other items! The colours remind me of a tropical sunset, a great combination!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


It's been almost 3 years since I moved to a house near the ocean, and I am still not tired of it- I can hear the waves when I'm working in my office late at night, I can go for a walk on the beach everyday and my shell collection is extra special because they all came from so close to home.

Because of this, I have been wanting to do work based around the ocean for quite a while.

I have 4 new marine-based designs on the way, this is my favourite so far - I am loving origami forms at the moment so this is a perfect fusion of the two loves.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Time Away...

Luke and I have spent some time away relaxing before our next big project - we took some time out to visit Uluru.

I have been dying to see this part of Australia since I was very young, so it was great to finally get out there. It was a magical place, and lived up to all my expectations. The weather was beautiful, the colours were amazing, I was quite sad to come home again!

I am keen to start using some brighter colours in my work, hopefully these will start to work their way through soon.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend Soundtrack

I know it's over, but this weekend, the sun finally came out, the weather is starting to get a bit cooler, and the beach was just so lovely, made me put this CD on and leave it on - love!

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Alphabet

It has been a bit quiet on here lately, due to a lot of behind the scenes work. There is a new venture in the works - it will be up here in full detail soon which I am very excited about, as well as lots of new work.

In the next few months I am planning more card designs, letter sets, and posters. But for now I will post a few pics of an alphabet chart I have working on. This has been something I've always wanted to do! Just 2 letters as a sneak peak for now but I'm sure there'll be lots more to see soon...